At the beginning it was just an industrial motor, based on reliability and performance standards. It has been developed and customised to become integrated into the customers product and to meet specific performance demands.

In the meantime the world was changing: from the race for progress to the race for sustainability.

Our motors allow plant and machinery to work ecologically all over the world, complying with a growing number of international certifications for the environment and energy saving.

The future is now the present: technical innovation is an ally of the environment.

The technical innovation results in products with extraordinary efficiency: Lafert introduces its HP range. The first motor to combine high performance with excellent efficiency.

What about the future? The future starts today. Motors with customised design, engineered by advanced research and based on integration and combination of different technologies, in order to offer very high efficiency and to make a contribution to environmental protection.

Lafert: 50-year long passion and courage, excellence and innovation.

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