CA Safetybox


  • Body Box reinforced polyester fiberglass light gray RAL 7035 (GRP / SMC)
  • Polycarbonate cover clear or opaque to ultraviolet UV resistant
  • Maximum IP66 and IK10 impact resistance
  • Availability of all possible accessories peepholes, grommets, hinges, screws, mounting lugs, pieces of distance shoes, ventilation devices, etc..


  • Range broader market measures: 24 models of different electrical boxes . (SON 19 (IP66) + 5 (IP43) in 2 versions transparent and opaque cover)
  • Individual installation or connected together (modularity) for configuration of panels and electrical equipment
  • Flexibility : Ease of machining operations for input / output cables and power envelope customize your needs. In our factories we have mechanized robots that allow us to do this work for you in a quick, clean and economical.
  • Double insulation : Electrical equipment or switchgear assembly inside is completely isolated from the outside in order to avoid accidents and electrical safety certification.

Advantages :

  • Reinforced thermosetting polyester which are manufactured is the best insulating material exists on the market. Ideal even in the toughest environments.
  • Self-extinguishing material . If there is a fire, the flame will not propagate. The polyester is a thermosetting and not deformed if an overheating or fire. By contrast, the thermoplastic melt, deteriorate and can more easily propagate a flame action. (See video accident fire safety section)
  • Material non-conductor of electricity : Unlike metal boxes no danger in handling and not run the risk of downloading. (See video shock accident in the security section)
  • Easy maintenance . They are ideal for outdoor use and perfectly enduring inclement weather in harsh environments because its material is non-hygroscopic and is protected against UV rays, which allows operation from +100 ° to -50 °.
  • Total absence of toxic compounds and heavy metals to perfection complying with European regulations of hazardous substances
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